• Fritzing

    Design your own circuits with Fritzing

    Fritzing is an interesting tool that makers can use to design their prototypes easily through simple drag-and-drop approach. Developers or educators wanting to build your circuits can make use of 'ESPresso Lite V2.0' as an importable Fritzing part.

    Download Fritzing library


    Download the Fritzing Library from Github at https://github.com/JimmySoftware/ESPert

    Download Fritzing software


    Head over to Fritzing website to look for the most updated Fritzing software.

    Download and install

    The Fritzing software can be downloaded for free or if you like to, through a small token donation.


    Install Fritzing in your computer according to your preferred operating system.

    Open a new sketch

    To start, open a new sketch and make sure that you are in the 'Breadboard' view.


    If the Parts library window is not visible, go to Windows > Parts to select it.

    Import part

    Click Import and select the folder where the ESPresso Lite V2.0 is being stored (Fritzing Library).

    Click and drag part to main window

    You can now start to design your own circuit using the 'Breadboard' view by dragging other parts that are useful. You can also search for any parts that are not in the library and import them.

    Complete your design

    Ensure that your wires are properly arranged to avoid confusion. Check out examples of other projects and parts contributed by others at Fritzing.org website.