Introductory "Dead Easy" IoT Workshop

    Monday 27 February, 2017 7pm,

    Monday 27 March, 2017 7pm

    20 Peck Seah Street #03-00 (behind Red Dot Museum/Tg Pagar MRT station)

    We are happy to organise an introductory workshop about the Internet of Things (IoT) covering the following:

    • Understanding ESPresso Lite V2 microcontroller & Wi-Fi communications
    • Introduction to ESP8266
    • Basic programming environments
    • How to receive data from sensors
    • How to send command to control actuators
    • How to utilise the unique features of ESP8266: making it sleep, waking it up, switch Wi-Fi on/off, creating webservers, etc
    • How to create your own dashboard to monitor sensor reading
    • How to send push notification to your smartphone
    • Introduction to sensors: DHT22, LDR, PIR, switch
    • Introduction to actuators: LED, RGB LED, OLED, servo